Powerline Utilities or the Hydro Sector (as it is popularly referenced to in Canada) experiences a high percentage of flying for the commercial & utility helicopter fleet. It is one of the most challenging environments for rotary aircraft operations and there is a lot of diversity from coast to coast in terms of work practices.

H2With an eye to promote fleet safety and encourage discussions on best practices within this industry, Airbus Helicopters hosted the First International Symposium on Rotary Wing Operations exclusively dedicated to the Hydro environment in Toronto September 24th – 25th, 2014.

With over 50 attendees that included Hydro Agencies, Line Contractors, Operators, Safety Consultants and other Industry stakeholders, the symposium covered a wide variety of topics & discussions on Power Line patrols, Maintenance Tasks, Construction & Upgrade missions, highlighting an insider perspective for the evolution as well as, challenges within the industry.

Airbus Helicopters is committed to fleet safety and believes forums like this will help in making significant progress in promoting the best practices within the rotary wing industry and raise the bar within the safety culture, exposing international endeavors and solutions.

It is our intention to hold this hydro symposium bi-yearly and if you have any suggestions regarding this event or anything else you would like to see on the events calendar please don’t hesitate to contact the marketing team at – marketing[at]eurocopter.ca