Airbus Helicopters Canada is committed to supporting your aircraft with the same level of excellence that you have come to expect from our helicopters.  We are continuously making improvements for aftermarket support of the fleet. In recent years, there have been many changes in the structure of our support & services program, launched with the intention of improving customer service & providing world class support to Canadian fleet operators.  

A recent initiative by Airbus Helicopters Canada has been the AOG shipping service.  Launched in 2012, Airbus Helicopters Canada now offers prepaid shipping on all the AOG orders with the following carriers: FedEx, Purolator, Air Canada and Greyhound.

In the past, there have been concerns with spare parts shortages and a quick resolution of day-to-day problem solving is key. Airbus Helicopters Canada was able to come up with a 18 month rolling forecast to ensure that these issues would improve significantly in the medium term.

Today we are able to see clear results of this effort, in comparison with last year:

  • Fill rate improvement (measures immediate availability of high turning stock/stock collection) increased by 6 % in 2014
  • On Time Delivery  for Spares (measures our promise ship date against the date of shipment) increased by almost 2% with a high rate of 96.62% in 2014
  • On Time Delivery  for R&O (measures our promise ship date against the date of shipment) increased by 31%, the current rate is 87.35%
  • Turnaround Time (period for completing all the components and blades ready to be used again) decreased by 27%

AMAirbus Helicopters Canada will continue to dedicate time and resources in order to fine tune these processes and to support you better. We are conscious that we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish these improvements without your continued feedback and/or your input through the Rotor Rewards Program.

Created in 2010, one of the key objectives of this loyalty program is to create transparency & clear communication with operators in terms of their specific requirements for support & services through the fleet information campaign. This helps Airbus Helicopters to fully anticipate the needs of its customers and to have the right parts available, at the right place, at the right time.

Airbus Helicopters Canada would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for supporting the above initiatives and we hope that together we will continue to improve our aftermarket support & services.


Additional information or further clarifications can be obtained through your Airbus Helicopters Canada representative or by sending an email to rotorrewards[at]