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Innovation in Safety Award

Niagara Helicopters Winner 2018 Airbus Helicopters Canada's Innovation and Safety Award


Nomination Form Nomination FormAirbus Helicopters Canada’s ‘Innovation in Safety Award’ recognizes groups, companies, organizations, agencies or individuals for outstanding achievement in maintaining Canadian rotary wing safe flying operations, while utilizing an exceptional or groundbreaking approach. This award is a testimony to the high degree of professionalism and innovation found in Canadian business rotary wing operations and an acknowledgement to the skilfulness and overall ability of an organizations management, maintenance, pilot and support personnel teams.

While most rotary wing operators within Canada have a predefined safety management structure presently in place, some initiatives demonstrate a much farther reaching impact toward the overall goal of safe flying operations. The innovation found within these infrastructures can be recognized through examining skill development, training and any further resources that an organization is currently providing.

Through the development of this award, Airbus Helicopters Canada anticipates that it will create a broader understanding and awareness by highlighting an organizations best safety practices and initiatives.


The winner of this award will be chosen through a committee selection process, from a pool of nominations received during a calendar year. An Awards Presentation will take place every year during the Helicopter Association of Canada’s annual convention.

The award recipient will receive:

  • A plaque
  • Cheque (10,000.00 CAD)

Airbus Helicopters Canada will issue a press release announcing the yearly recipient of this award.


Any Canadian-based rotary wing group, company, organization, agency or individuals may be nominated for this Award. A nominee must be a Canadian-owned organization or resident of Canada.


To be eligible nominees must be a Canadian-based organization, group, company, agency or individual resident and meet atleast one the following criteria:

  • Have a career in helicopter flying, training and maintenance minimum 20 years, without any accidents.
  • Professionalism and safe flying experience demonstrates a remarkable example for future helicopter pilots.
  • Demonstrate a commitment and exceptional dedication to Canadian rotor wing operational safety.
  • Have successfully instituted a program or research project that has had a significant impact on safety in the Canadian rotor wing industry.
  • Show an outstanding act, effort, contribution or service to safety in the Canadian rotary- wing industry.

The application may be sent to Airbus Helicopters Canada at any time throughout the year. Company or Individual Nominee Applications need to include the following information in order to be considered:

  • Name of the Nominee
  • Recommended Company/Organization’s Name
  • Reason for nomination (providing as much detail as possible to meet eligibility criteria)


  • Mr. Geoff Goodyear, Past President of Universal Helicopters
  • Mr. Paul Spring, President of Phoenix Heli-Flight
  • Mr. Fred Jones, President of Helicopter Association of Canada
  • Mr. Mike Reyno, Publisher Vertical and Canadian Skies Magazines

Past Recipients:

  • Mr. Geoff Goodyear, President of Universal Helicopters
  • Mr. Paul Spring, President of Phoenix Heli-Flight
  • Blackcomb Aviation
  • B.C. Hydro
  • Niagara Helicopters

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