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Innovation in Safety Award Winner

November 14, 2015 was a big day, not only was Airbus Helicopters Canada prominently showing at the 20th annual Helicopters Association of Canada (HAC) Conference in Vancouver BC, but it was also the day we announced our 2015 Innovation in Safety Award Winner, BC Hydro.

Treg Presenting Award to Greg - HAC


Left to Right, Mr. Greg Reimer, Executive VP, Transmission, Distribution & Customer Service, BC Hydro & Mr. Treg Manning, VP of Sales & Marketing, Airbus Helicopters Inc.








The Innovation in Safety Award is presented to a nominee or organization whose business initiatives have demonstrated a great impact on the overall goal of safe flying operations, including skill development, training and committing additional resources to safety programs. The winner, determined by an award selection committee, receives a $10,000 prize.

Supplying over 95% of the power to the province, BC Hydro’s mandate is to generate, purchase, distribute, sell and deliver power to meet BC’s electricity needs; the helicopter is a critical tool to support these efforts.

BC Hydro has earned a reputation across North America as having one of the highest standards of safety in rotary wing operations by implementing key mandates which include:

• The use of state of the art twin-engine aircraft with sufficient OEI capability to maintain flight on one engine.
• Pre-flight risk assessments on each and every trip its employees are involved in from routine powerline patrols to complex maintenance and repair activities.

We applaud BC Hydro’s dedication to safe flying practices. These practices drive the industry forward in the field of safety and we are proud to recognize BC Hydro’s efforts through the presentation of The Innovation in Safety Award.

Please use the following link to nominate a worthy person or organization who you feel makes a great impact to the overall goal of safe flying operations as a 2016 Innovation in Safety Award Recipient.


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