HelicopterWant to sell your Airbus Helicopters aircraft? ….. List your Airbus Helicopters aircraft on our website today!

It is our objective to provide our customers with true value add-ons on an ongoing basis. The Pre-Owned section on our website is another opportunity to provide our customers with a solution for assisting in the sale of their existing Airbus Helicopters aircraft or in the case of interest in buying pre-owned Airbus Helicopters aircraft.

This service is free of charge and is open to Airbus Helicopters’ owners who want to list their helicopters on our website.

Advertise your Airbus Helicopters aircraft for customer-to-customer sale

**Airbus helicopters offers this service to assist in the resale of pre-owned Airbus Helicopters aircraft. In this case, the aircraft is sold “customer to customer” without any warranty commitment from Airbus Helicopters.

To advertise a helicopter for customer-to-customer sale:

Our commitment is to provide the best conditions to help locate potential customers for your pre-owned Airbus Helicopters aircraft.

The free listing of your aircraft allows you worldwide access to the Airbus Helicopters pre-owned helicopter network. Please review the FAQ’s and terms and conditions listed on the website before enrolling.

To receive additional information in regards to this service, please contact your local Airbus Helicopters Canada Representative.