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HCare Blade Repair

Helicopter Blades Repair


Personalized Repair Services, Airbus Helicopters workmanship and maximum aircraft availability.

Blade ShopFor main and tail rotor blades, Airbus Helicopters Canada performs all types of maintenance and repair:

  • Leading-edge damage or replacement
  • Skin repair
  • Tip cap repair or replacement
  • Caulking of root end fitting
  • Caulking or rebuilding of the pendulum absorber

Our capabilities include:

H120/ H130 (EC130) / H125 (AS350) / AS355

  • Large scope of skin and repairs
  • Leading edge replacements
  • Trim tab repairs and replacement
  • Core replacement
  • Refinish and balance
Blade Exchange Brochure

Blades Exchange & Repair Programs Brochure

Airbus Helicopters Canada is certified and audited for work on Main Rotor Blades for the H120, EC130, AS350 and AS355, as well as, Tail Rotor Blades for the AS350 and AS355. In addition, Airbus Helicopters Canada is the only certified and equipped repair centre in Canada to perform BOV (depot) level blade repairs on the H120 such as leading edge replacement, paint and refinishing.

BO105 / BK117 / EC135 / EC145

Airbus Helicopters Canada coordinates repair work for the BO 105 / BK117 / EC135 / EC 145 in conjunction with other facilities within the Airbus Helicopter network for the following.

For emergencies, Airbus Helicopters Canada maintains a large rental and/or exchange pool of blades, available at a moment’s notice for replacement, rental or exchange; backed by AOG Service and 24-hour technical assistance.

Blade components are stored in our Vancouver, Montreal and Fort Erie facilities to reduce transportation time and costs for our customers.

Once your blades are received, the Airbus Helicopters Canada team proceeds with an initial inspection and establishes a quote for the required repairs. Upon approval of the repair cost estimate, the blades are prepared for repairs and painting.


  • Initial inspection for repairs
  • Replace inboard and outboard leading edges
  • Repair and replace lower surface poly-erosion strips
  • Provide skin patching
  • Refinishing and balancing


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