Maintenance Training

Helicopter MaintenanceWhile textbook knowledge is clearly an important foundation to maintenance training, Airbus Helicopters Canada believes that instruction received in the classroom – and work performed on actual helicopter components – is critical to providing the best training possible.

Airbus Helicopters Canada provides maintenance courses for Transport Canada licensed aircraft maintenance engineers (AME) to meet the Canadian Air Regulation training requirements.

All of our maintenance courses are designed to provide first-hand shop work experience through on-the-job exercises. Courses are constantly updated to include the latest technical information.

For additional information on the EC120, EC130 B4, EC135, EC145, BK117, AS350B, AS 350 B2, AS350 B3 and AS355 type courses please contact Caren Stewart at caren.stewart[at]

Course acceptance is based on the requirement that the student possess one of the following:

  • Canadian-approved Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) license
  • Transport Canada accredited basic training course
  • Certificate as a FAA Mechanic or Aircraft Maintenance Technician
  • Three years of general experience as a commercial or military aircraft mechanic

At the end of each week, a closed book examination is given. The technician must achieve a score of 70% or more on each exam in order to receive a certificate of completion.

Our Maintenance Refresher Courses are designed to provide recurrent training on helicopter maintenance.

Off- Site Maintenance Training

Airbus Helicopters Canada understands the day-to-day operational priorities that our operators face, and our maintenance instructors are able – on request – to travel to your facility to conduct Airframe Field Maintenance or Maintenance Refresher Courses. This enables you to reduce your travel costs, while at the same time minimizing the time required away from the shop.