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Pilot Training

Helicopter Pilot Training

TRKAirbus Helicopters Canada provides initial transition and recurrency courses to pilots who hold a valid private helicopter pilot certificate.

Ground school, flight training and simulator training are designed with an operational ‘real world’ approach and course content includes the latest technical and most up-to-date information on our helicopters.

We provide both Initial Transition courses and Recurrent courses. Our ‘in-aircraft’ pilot courses will develop the pilot’s skill-set to conduct flight operations safely and efficiently. These courses also develop the pilot’s decision-making abilities, both preflight and in-flight, through a challenging real-world scenario-based curriculum.

Airbus Helicopters Canada’s Transition Ground School covers the following subjects:

  • Aircraft Systems Integration
  • Emergency and Abnormal Procedures
  • Autopilot (where applicable)
  • Cockpit Displays and Controls
  • Performance planning and charts
  • Weight and Balance
  • Aircraft Flight Manual
  • Preflight/Post flight Checks
  • Night rating

Students are tested with a closed-book final examination, which covers aircraft systems, limitations and weight and balance sections. Students must achieve a score of 70% in order to receive a Certificate of Completion.

Airbus Helicopters Canada’s training center offers initial training courses based on a minimum of three people.. Quoted prices are per student. Courses may be available upon request and depending on instructor’s availability.

Airbus Helicopters Canada’s training center also offers on-site training in your helicopter with the flight instructor traveling to a location of your choice.

The cost of off-site training is based on the following flat fee basis and a maximum of five students, $2,200.00 per day within Canada, plus travel expenses.

For more information on pilot training, please contact:

LaSonja Willis-Saucer at lasonja.Willis-Saucer[at] or call 972-641-5234.

H120 – Pilot Training

Pilot Transition

  • Course Length: 4 days
  • Pilot Ground School: 2.5 days
  • Flight Training: 3.0 hours minimum
  • Cost, Pilot Ground School: $1,650.00 per student
  • Cost, Pilot Flight Training: $500.00 per flight hour*

*Courses available upon request.

Pilot Recurrency

  • Course Length: 3 days
  • Pilot Ground School: 1.5 days
  • Flight Training: 1.5 hours minimum
  • Cost, Pilot Ground School: $1,000.00 per student
  • Cost, Pilot Flight Training: $500.00 per flight hour*

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