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Airbus Helicopters Canada’s customer support team is available to help you with your warranty claims.

Airbus Helicopters Canada is responsible for administrating the Airbus Helicopter warranty policy for Canadian aircraft fleet. A technical review is done in all cases to ensure proper representation and resolution.

Warranty Claim Report Download

Warranty Claim Report

Airbus Helicopters Canada’s customer support team is available to help you with your warranty claims. To ensure swift action from our staff, please complete the Warranty Claim Report above and email it to your local Customer Support Representative (CSR).

Please note, the warranty period on the repaired or replaced part, is the warranty period that was remaining on the original claimed defective part. When Airbus Helicopters supplies a replacement part, the removed part will become the property of Airbus Helicopters.

As soon as possible, but no later than fifteen (15) days after the discovery of any defect, the Customer shall furnish to Airbus Helicopters, through the Warranty Claim Form, the full details of the claim and the basis thereof.

As soon as the Warranty Claim Form is received, Airbus Helicopters will return to the Customer the Warranty Claim Acknowledgment and the Return Material Authorization form. Within fifteen (15) days from the occurrence date of the defect the Customer shall return the allegedly defective part to Airbus Helicopters.

Please contact your CSR to submit a claim.


Manager of Support and Services
Amanda Bondar
Tel: (905) 994-2974
Email: amanda.bondar[at]
Customer Support Representative
Sean Ott
Tel: (905) 994-2946
Customer Support Representative
Mandy Jenson
Tel: (905) 994-2930
Email: mandy.jenson[at]
Customer Support Representative
James Taylor
Tel:  (604) 244-1669
Email: james.taylor[at]
Customer Support Representative
Solomon Poku
Tel: (905) 994-2908
Email: solomon.poku[at]
Customer Support Representative
Ray White
Tel: (905) 994-2954
Email: ray.white[at]
Customer Support Representative
Paige Elly
Tel: (905) 994-2930
Email: paige.elly[at]

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