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With summer winding down and the fall training season now upon us here at ECL, we feel it is important to communicate some of the key training messages for the remainder of the year.

Pilot Training :

We would like to highlight the importance of recurrent pilot training and initial training related to our  light helicopter products. For example, there are many variants of the AS350B3 with different versions of the dashboard , electronic screen (VEMD), DECU (Digital Electronic Control Unit) software and booting warning light sequence and in flight variable rotor speed, to name a few. All of these modifications were deployed as different variants of the AS350B3 to improve and reduce the pilot workload and contribute to flight safety.

Although Canadian licensing considers all of these variants under the same T.C. endorsement, we strongly suggest that you attend a recurrent course explaining the main differences between these variants if you have experience on the earlier B3 version.  We have instructors available for onsite training  to further your knowledge of our products as well as, to conduct flight training in your aircraft.

Tailor made pilot training packages are available at American Eurocopter in Grand Prairie, Texas for recurrent training simulator time. There is also an aircraft available for pilot training at the American Eurocopter facility.  Please contact Claude Roy at Eurocopter Canada by phone at 905-871-7772 ext. 2941 or email at claude.roy[at] for further information on availability and cost.

Maintenance Training:

The maintenance course season is already in full swing and we are very pleased that customers have chosen to attend their training at their approved OEM source.  Eurocopter Canada has the expertise of our entire worldwide fleet and we have the ability to discuss aircraft experiences reported from around the world.  We are also informed of future modifications or maintenance changes for each aircraft. Our training is approved by our parent company, Eurocopter (France) and we tailor the maintenance program to fit the distinct nature of our Canadian operators, taking into account our unique flying environment in regards to terrain, temperature and remote location operation.

We are also pleased to introduce a new training administrator, Ms. Saundra Cocroft. Saundra will be the main contact for anything training related. Please contact Saundra for any additional information by phone at 905-994-2946 or by email at Saundra.cocroft[at]

Please visit our web site for further information:



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