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Airbus Helicopters Canada is proud to announce New Warranty Conditions for our civilian aircraft.

With the next order of your civilian aircraft, you will receive a 3 year or 2000 hours warranty period. This new warranty is only applicable to our civilian range of helicopters.


As an added bonus, we can also provide you with detailed information pertaining to price and conditions of our much anticipated warranty extension program which involves adding one year to the warranty period mentioned above if you are anticipating flying less than 2000 hours within the 3 year warranty time period.

Note: the aircraft’s engine is not covered by Airbus Helicopters Canada and you should refer to the engine’s OEM for the designated warranty policy.
Airbus Helicopters will compensate reasonable labour costs during the first year of warranty of the civil aircraft to all customers.

A fixed rate has been determined per type of component and per type of aircraft. The fixed rate has been determined by our AH experts and corresponds to a fair average of man-hour workload to remove/install and test the parts, multiplied by the “standard superior” of typical man-hour rate. Investigation time and other costs are not part of the labour cost coverage.

If you have any questions or require more information please contact your regional sales representative.