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Airbus Helicopters Canada Today

Airbus 35 Years in Canada Helicopter


Airbus Helicopters is the world’s leading helicopter manufacturer offering the most comprehensive range of civil and military helicopters in the world.

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Airbus is the world’s No. 1 helicopter manufacturer. The company’s in service fleet includes approximately 12,000 helicopters operated by more than 3,010 customers in 152 countries. Airbus’ range of civil and military helicopters is the world’s largest; accounting for one third of the worldwide civil and parapublic fleet. The company’s main priority is to ensure the safe operation of its aircraft for the thousands of people who fly more than 3.2 million hours per year.

Airbus is a leading supplier of helicopters in Canada that are used across the country in key parapublic and civil roles such as law enforcement, emergency medical services, oil & gas, utility: mining, firefighting, powerline maintenance, search and rescue, forestry, and environmental surveys; and transport: tour, corporate, and private.

Airbus Helicopters has been a proud member of Canada’s aerospace industry for more than 35 years. With more than 250 skilled employees in country, Airbus Helicopters Canada’s headquarters and main manufacturing facility is in Fort Erie, Ontario. Airbus also has a spare parts warehouse in Richmond, British Columbia, sales support in Montreal, Quebec and a 24/7 customer service network in place to support the fleet of more than 220 operators and 720 helicopters flying throughout Canada.

Safety and innovation remain top priorities for Airbus Helicopters. The Fort Erie facility is a recognized centre of excellence for engineering and composite manufacturing and is the sole source supplier of 50 various parts installed on Airbus helicopters flying all over the world. The company also provides overhaul services, such as dynamic component repair, to Airbus helicopter operators worldwide.

In Canada, Airbus manufactures, exports, markets, assembles and provides services including; repair and overhaul, support, airframe and engine maintenance, flight testing and approved pilot training for Airbus rotary wing aircraft. Airbus offers a wide range of multi-purpose helicopters, from the intermediate single-engine AS350 B2, H125 and H130, to the twin-engine EC145e, H155, H215, H225, AS365 and the new generation twin-engine H145, H160 and H175.

Airbus Helicopters has a history of success related to military and defence programs. Over 160 Armed Forces worldwide place their trust in Airbus products. Airbus has delivered more than 400 UH-72A Lakotas to the United States Army – on time, on cost and on quality – to serve as their upgraded multi-mission utility aircraft. In Canada, Airbus is the market leading helicopter provider for law enforcement agencies including prestigious customers such as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP).

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