AS332 The H215 (AS332) is a twin-engine medium-weight civil helicopter equipped with a new avionics glass cockpit. Its operational characteristics and its large cabin explain its success, particularly for passenger transport. The extensive power reserve, safety level and comfort make the SUPER PUMA H215 an aircraft perfectly suited for offshore or other civil operations.


Technology Content

Most modern technology inherited from the well-known H225/H225M includes:

  • Advanced helicopter cockpit and avionics system (Airbus Helicopters CanadaS), including a full glass cockpit NVG compatible with the following:
    • Four 6” x 8” navigation & mission displays
    • Two 4” x 5’’ vehicle management system displays
    • One integrated standby instrument display
  • New digital dual duplex 4-axis autopilot (APM 2010)
  • Latest generation navigation and flight
    management systems


Chacteristics Content

Empty weight, standard aircraft (including engine oil & unusable fuel) 4,510 kg / 9,943 lb
Useful load 4,090 kg / 9,017 lb
Maximum all-up weight 8,600 kg / 18,960 lb
Maximum cargo-sling load 4,500 kg / 9,920 lb
Maximum all-up weight in external load configuration 9,350 kg / 20,615 lb

Note: Empty weight accuracy: within + 2%

Maximum speed, VNE (Never Exceed Speed) 278 km/h / 150 kts
Fast Cruise speed at MCP (Max Continuous Power) 262 km/h / 141 kts
Rate of climb (85kt, 2 engines at MCP) 8.2 m/s / 1,618 ft/min
Service ceiling (Rate-of-climb : 0.508m/s 100 ft/mn) 2,895 m / 9,500 ft
Hover ceiling In Ground Effect (IGE) 3,250 m / 10,663 ft
Hover ceiling Out of Ground Effect (OGE) 2,300 m / 7,546 ft
Maximum range with standard tank  841 km / 454 nm

At Max Gross Weight, at Sea Level (SL), in International Standard Atmosphere (ISA) and zero wind condition.

Maximum emergency power (OEI 30”) 1,400 kW / 1,877 shp
Intermediate emergency power (OEI 2’) 1,330 kW / 1,783 shp
Take-off power 1,357 kW / 1,819 shp
Maximum continuous power 1,185 kW / 1,588 shp

Power per engine, in standard atmosphere, at sea level.


The H215 is a 9-ton class twin-engine helicopter in the famous COUGAR / SUPER PUMA family. They combine the rugged experience of the AS532 / AS332 dynamic and basic assemblies with the most advanced avionics of the H225M. They also include full glass cockpit avionics and the latest generation autopilot. These aircraft are reliable, fast helicopters and have outstanding all weather capabilities: a great power reserve and high maneuverability. The powerful MAKILA 1A1 engines give them the ability to fly almost any mission, no matter the temperature and altitude. They ensure maximum operational safety, even in the most difficult situations (discretion, low vulnerability, crash survivability and icing conditions).

These multipurpose helicopters can perform a wide range of missions including:

 AS332 Passenger

AS332 L1e: from passenger transportation,
executive transportation to SAR

 AS332 Aerial Work

H215: aerial work such as heavy sling,
logging and power line maintenance.

The large selection of available optional equipment allows for a wide spectrum of mission capabilities. In addition, the AS332 L1e and H215 are also cost effective aircraft due to their low maintenance and operating costs.


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