Airbus Helicopters Canada Revision Services

To check Airbus Helicopters Canada’s Documentation Revision Service, please refer to the links below:

Documents listed above are sent out to customers upon release of a new revision. Installation documents are not revised as they remain valid at time of installation.

If you are missing current revisions, please contact your local technical representative or CSR:

Technical Representative, Québec & Maritimes
Marc Lajoie
Cell: (514) 823-0755
Email: marc.lajoie[at]
Aircraft MRO & On-Site Support
Allan Shewan
Tel: (905) 994-2914
Email: allan.shewan[at]
Technical Representative, Ontario
Rod Tupala
Phone: (905) 994-2988
Cell: (905) 401-6493
Email: rod.tupala[at]
Customer Support Representative
Max Dobbie
Tel: (905) 994-2954
Email: max.dobbie[at]
Technical Representative
Robert Pritchard
Cell: (780) 990-8755
Fax: (780) 460-2874
Email: robert.pritchard[at]
Technical Representative
Peter Swinnard
Phone:(604) 244-1669
Cell: (604) 644-5733
Fax: (604) 244-2926
Email: peter.swinnard[at]
Customer Support Representative
Tracey Lahaie
Tel: (905) 994-2957
Email: tracey.lahaie[at]
Spare Parts Support Manager
Bill Reid
Tel: (604) 244-1669
Email: bill.reid[at]
Customer Support Representative
Vincent Marquet
Tel: (514) 334-5554 ext. 5001
Email: jean-vincent.marquet[at]
Customer Support Representative
Ruby Smith
Tel: (905) 994-2930
Email: ruby.smith[at]