EC130 T2 Aerial WorkH130

‘Roomy, Silent and a Smooth Ride’

The H130 (EC130 T2) is an intermediate single-engine helicopter including all the latest technology and a roomy modular cabin that can accommodate 1 pilot plus up to 7 passengers.

This newcomer in the successful Ecureuil range is equipped with the brand new Safran Arriel 2D engine and more than 70% of the airframe has been modified. This substantially increases the versatility of the H130, making it better equipped to answer to the challenges of additional missions such as hot and high operations and aerial work. Thanks to its optimized maintenance cost and operational benefits, it is truly an economical solution combined with the highest level of safety.

EC130It is the quietest helicopter on the market: its Fenestron® tail rotor and automatic variable rotor speed control result in a significantly reduced external sound level. All H130 systems are newly improved and very easy to maintain.

Thanks to its formidable visibility, quietness, comfort, performance and safety, this versatile helicopter is a key member of Airbus Helicopters’ Ecureuil family.

The H130 is particularly suitable for passenger transportation, as well as for EMS, law enforcement, and aerial work support.


Technology Content


The H130 also benefit from the integration of Airbus Helicopters’ most advanced technology:

  • New tailboom with the latest generation Fenestron®
  • Dual-channel FADEC unit with a third independent channel for engine control
  • Automatic variable main rotor speed system to reduce external noise
  • Dual hydraulic system based on the experience of the AS355 N

It is fully equipped with a VFR day and night navigation system (standard “ready to fly” package) associated with a VEMD® integrated instrument panel and a GPS map display.

All of these innovations make the H130 the safest and the most high-tech aircraft in its category:

A quiet Fenestron®

  • Efficient
  • Powerful (demonstrated lateral flight at 47 kts)
  • Low vulnerability
  • High level of safety for ground personnel
  • Very low external sound level ( 7 Db below ICAO limit)
  • Easy maintenance
  • Highly resistant to impact damage

Exclusive landing gear

  • Improves aerodynamic effects and prevents ground resonance (patented design)

Standard energy absorbing seats

  • For all crew and passengers

STARFLEX® Main Rotor head

  • This proven and reliable component has an automatic variable speed control system that systematically adapts the rating of the main rotor to the flight phase in order to reduce the external noise level, without jeopardizing available power
EC130 Rotor Head

Composite main Rotor blades

  • Highly resistant to impact damage
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Long service life limit



Full Duplex equipment that allows at one glance a display of self-monitoring main engine and vehicle parameters on a full color LCD display and decreases pilot’s workload.

  • VFR day radio-communication and navigation package including GPS, in the standard aircraft (“ready to fly” concept)
  • The H130 is also capable of night VFR operations as equipped

T2 Evolution

EC130 T2 Arriel 2D EngineMore Payload, Lower DMC & DOC

New generation Arriel 2D engine

  • Extended Time Between Overhauls (4,000 Hrs TBO at entry into service with 6,000 Hrs TBO when mature)
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • More predictable maintenance
  • Allows operation in hot and high conditions


Energy absorbing fuel tank

Included in the baseline configuration of the helicopter, this system is composed with Flexible bladder with flexible fitting Insert into the aluminum fairing plus Structural tank envelop.

EC130 T2 Fuel TanksFinest Man Machine Interface

  • New reduce workload
  • New cockpit design
  • New control box
  • New breaker panel

Easy Access

New metallic hinged doors and right-hand sliding door

  • Easier to operate
  • Improvement on weight, quality and reliability

Electrical Maintenance trays and additional foot steps

  • Easier to maintain

New active vibration control System (AVCS)

Inherited from the H225, brings outstanding comfort and security

  • Makes the flight smoother and more enjoyable

Improved center of gravity

  • Eases the distribution of passengers throughout the cabin

Significantly more comfortable

New air-conditioning system

  • Excellent cabin reparation
  • Highly efficient-outstanding reliability
  • Easier maintenance

More Versatile

Large flat floor cabin
Higher capacity of cargo-swing
Quick configuration change

  • Passenger Arrow Freight transport


Characteristics Content

High Performance

The H130’s components are common with the Airbus Helicopters light helicopter range, ensuring a reliable, high performance aircraft. Its proven technology and simple design provide operators with an extremely high rate of availability.

Passenger transportation 1 pilot + 6 passengers (standard or Stylence® configuration)
1 pilot + 7 passengers (“8 seats layout” configuration)
Casualty evacuation 1 pilot + 1 or 2 stretchers
+ 2 medical attendants
2 pilots + 1 stretcher
+ 2 medical attendants
Cargo carrying

1 pilot + 3.7 m3 (130.7 ft3) load in cabin

Maximum operating altitude 7,010 m (PA) / 23,000 ft (PA)
Minimum temperature – 40°C / -70°F
Maximum temperature ISA + 35°C (limited to + 50°C) / IA + 95°F (limited to 122°F)
Maximum take-off weight 2,500 kg / 5,512 lb
Maximum take-off weight with external load 3,050 kg / 6,724 lb
Empty weight (standard configuration) 1,412 kg / 3,113 lb
Useful load 1,088 kg / 2,399 lb
Maximum cargo-sling load 1,500 kg / 3,307 lb
Standard fuel capacity 426 kg / 939 lb
Power Plant (ISA, SEA LEVEL) 1 Safran Arriel 2D turbine engine
Takeoff power 710 kW / 952 shp
Maximum Continuous Power 638 kW / 856 shp
Performance at Max. TAKE-OFF WEIGHT (ISA, SEA LEVEL)
Maximum speed (Vne) 287 km/h / 155kts
Fast cruise speed (at MCP) 236 km/h / 127 kts
Rate of climb 8.0 m/s / 1,600 ft/min
Hover ceiling at takeoff power ISA-IGE 2,950 m / 9,675 ft*
Range without fuel reserve, at fast cruise, with standard landing 606 km / 327 nm
Endurance (without reserve) 4h00 min
*performance demonstrated for 2,465 (5.434 lb).


  • Utility

    EC130The H130 offers many possibilities to operators thanks to their wide, unobstructed, flat-floor cabin that can contain an array of equipment to provide outstanding mission flexibility. The exceptional cabin size makes the H130 the perfect choice for private or cargo transportation.

    The high performance of the H130 allows for easy sling operations. The pilot seated at the left hand energy-absorbing seat has a very good visibility for long line operations. Thanks to the EC130VEMD®, the pilot can concentrate more on the mission: an audible warning is emitted when the engine reaches its first limitation. During load transportation, the H130 remains remarkably stable thanks to the design of its landing gear and the large horizontal stabilizer, combined with its large cabin. The Fenestron® ensures safety for personnel on ground and prevents the tail rotor blades from hitting obstacles when landing or manoeuvering in confined areas.

    Mission Capabilities:

    • Cargo load operations
    • Firefighting
    • Freight Transportation
    • Aerial Photography
    • Parachute dropping
  • Business and Private Aviation

    EC130Travelers enjoy a restful journey thanks to the H130’s very low internal sound level, exceptional visibility and efficient air conditioning system. The Fenestron® tail rotor makes the aircraft extremely discreet when flying over urban areas. This user-friendly helicopter is pleasant and easy to fly for the pilot. The new generation piloting aids, such as the Vehicle and Engine Multifunction Display (VEMD®), reduces the pilot’s workload considerably, thus enhancing flight safety.

    High Tech Comfort

    The H130 can carry EC130 T2 Business Use1 pilot and up to 6 passengers in high-tech comfort with face-forward energy-absorbing seats. A large sliding door and the long boarding steps on both sides allow an easy cabin access.

    Other features include:

    • Exceptional visibility
    • Large luggage compartment
    • Energy absorbing seats
  • EMS

    The quick and easy engine start-up sequence EC130 EMSand the high performance of the H130 ensure rapid and efficient interventions when saving a life. Its maneuverability enables the pilot to land in very confined areas. The VEMD® decreases pilots’ workload, enabling them to carry out critical missions in optimal safety. The Fenestron® ensures safety in flight when maneuvering close to obstacles and for personnel and patients on the ground.

    Designed for Your Missions

    Thanks to its exceptional cabin size and medical interior,
    the H130 is worldwide considered as the successor of the
    Alouette III for MEDEVAC and SAR operations. The
    H130 is considered as the reference aircraft in this
    domain. The wide unobstructed cabin and its large doors
    allow easy loading and unloading of patients with a rapid
    access for medical personnel. EC130 EMSDoctors and paramedics have plenty of space to take care of the patient during the flight. The low internal sound level and the flat cabin floor offer a suitable environment to install both fragile and bulky medical equipment. The H130 offers adjustable energy-absorbing seats to accommodate 1 or 2 stretchers and 2 medical attendants.

  • Law Enforcement

    EC130 PoliceThe H130 are ready in no time for all types of law enforcement operations. Its quick automatic engine start-up sequence, excellent performance and availability rate, obtained through an easy and affordable maintenance concept, allow this aircraft to get the job done quickly. The spacious, unobstructed cabin provides exceptional visibility and sufficient space to install all necessary equipment. Its unique quietness (7 dB under ICAO limits) allows pilots to conduct efficient surveillance operations.

    View Law Enforcement Brochure

    Discreet protection

    With the VEMD®, the pilot can concentrate solely on the mission, thus enhancing flight safety. The H130’s cockpit has enough space for the installation of a fully-integrated tactical instrument and equipment console.

    EC130 T2 Tactical Equipment Console

    EC130 Police
  • Tourism

    EC130 TourismThe H130, with their Fenestron® tail rotor, is one of the most silent helicopters flying today, setting the standard for tour operations worldwide. Their low noise level is 7 dB below the ICAO requirement and below the limits defined by the Grand Canyon National Park. The only noise you will hear will be the sigh of wonderment from passengers enjoying the spectacular view offered by the vast viewing surfaces. The wide, unobstructed cabin with all forward-facing seats can accommodate 1 pilot and up to 7 passengers while providing excellent visibility.

    The sound of silence

    EC130 TourismThe H130 incorporates all the incredible visibility latest state-of-the-art technologies, materials, systems and avionics. This new generation aircraft benefits from the proven experience of the Ecureuil family, resulting in an exceptionally high rate of availability. Passengers can enjoy the spectacular view, and are comfortably seated on a raised “theatre-style” platform in the rear. The forward-facing, energy absorbing seats provide passengers with ample legroom. The low internal noise and the efficient air conditioning system contribute to making the journey unforgettable.



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