0527 Ahicanada112021At Airbus Helicopters we provide you with comprehensive repair and overhaul services for:

  • Dynamic components
  • Blades
  • Airframe
  • Equipment

Rental and exchange options are available at our Fort Erie facility to ensure uninterrupted flying for our customers while their own parts are being serviced or repaired.

Please refer to the Documents & Forms page for Current Standard Conditions of Sale

Repair & Overhaul Brochure

Dynamic Components: HCare Repair & Overhaul Brochure

Our Level I-IV maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) department is certified in the repair and overhaul of all dynamic components, mechanical assemblies and hydraulic systems for the AS350, AS355, H120, EC130, BO105 and BK117.

We stock a variety of parts for a quick exchange (i.e. servos, indicators, transmitters etc.).

Airbus Helicopters Canada’s HCare MRO shop is equipped with:

  • Heraeus 250° C component oven
  • Various presses -up to 30 ton capacity
  • Dynamic transmission run-in stands and test benches – H120, EC130, AS350, AS355
  • Hydraulic pump and component test stand (HPKP 20-1) capable of static pressures up to 550 bar and dynamic pressures up to 220 bar at 20 litres/minute – BK117 and BO105
  • OEM issued tools (ECF – ECD)

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    Starflex Brochure

  • Fully equipped machine shop

All Airbus Helicopters Canada’s MRO department personnel are licensed AME’s and/or OEM trained.