‘Best of Versatility and Comfort’

EC155 OverviewThe H155 (EC155 B1) is Airbus Helicopters’ high end 5-ton twin-engine helicopter. It is an enhanced version of the proven Dauphin family and boasts the most advanced technologies available. The H155 has a five-bladed Spheriflex® rotor head with an extremely low vibration level. Equipped with Airbus Helicopters’ famous Fenestron® tail rotor, the H155 performs with a noise level that falls 4.6 dB below ICAO level. It’s so quiet that passengers feel as if they are travelling in a business jet. The pilot’s workload is minimized by the aircraft’s quality Human Machine Interface, the most intuitive glass cockpit available, its single-pilot Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) capability and its unique Airbus Helicopters 4-axis autopilot. The first of its kind to be developed specifically for helicopters, this autopilot system was another Airbus Helicopters technological breakthrough and remains the best available in the world. Its outstanding functionality and user friendliness allow the pilot to fully concentrate on the mission during all flight phases over the full flight envelope, showcasing the H155’s excellent hover stability and its smooth high-speed flight. Other cutting edge technologies include Terrain Awareness Display, Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System and satellite phone.

EC155 EngineThe H155 is equipped with two Safran Arriel 2C2 turbine engines, which are fitted with Full Authority Digital Engine Controls (FADEC) for fully automated One Engine Inoperative (OEI) safety. Thanks to its significant power, the H155 delivers a long range as well as the fastest cruising speed in its class. The cabin comfortably seats 12 passengers plus 2 pilots or, in its luxurious VIP configuration, 8 passengers and 2 pilots. Its exceptional roominess, comfort, speed, endurance and effectiveness make this aircraft a truly versatile helicopter ideally suited for the widest range of missions, including VIP and corporate transportation, long-haul offshore operations and inter-rig shuttle transportation, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Search And Rescue (SAR), Police, Special Forces and other governmental roles.


Technology Content

The H155 airframe is constructed of highly resistant, corrosion-proof composite materials and light alloys. With its all-composite rotors, Spheriflex® main rotor head and Fenestron® tail rotor, the H155 has the lowest vibration and noise signature in its class. The H155 offers a fully intuitive glass cockpit with large LCD displays, which reduce the pilot’s workload, improve safety and facilitate maintenance. The superb Airbus Helicopters designed 4-axis auto pilot gives outstanding hover performance in extreme conditions; in flight it holds altitude, speed and heading to the finest limits.

‘At the Forefront of New Technology’

Full Composite Main Rotor Blades

  • Designed for high resistance to impact
  • New high efficiency profile allowing greater lift and speed
  • Unlimited life
  • Corrosion-proof
EC155 Rotor

EC155 Blades

Five – Bladed Rotor Head Spheriflex®

  • FAR / JAR 29 flaw damage tolerant design
  • Excellent maneuverability and stability
  • Lowest vibration level in its class even at high speed
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low noise signature
  • Coning stops (optional) for starting with 55 kts of wind
    (102 Km/h)

Low Noise Fenestron® Tail Rotor

  • Composite material blades
  • Maximum safety in-flight and on-ground
  • Low noise signature (4.6 dB below ICAO level)
  • High damage tolerance
  • Low maintenance
  • Erosion high resistance
  • Perfect protection against foreign object damages (FOD)
EC155 Tail

EC155 Engine

Safran Arriel 2C2 Engines

  • Proven technology: safety and reliability at its best
  • FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) system automatic reconfiguration in case of single channel failure and manual reconfiguration after dual channel failure on one FADEC
  • FADEC controlled training mode

The Most Modern Integrated Cockpit

  • EC155 Cockpit The world’s most advanced 4-axis digital autopilot, coupled with FADEC for full flight envelope protection
  • Integrated flight and display system (Primary Flight and Navigation Displays)
  • Vehicle Engine Multifunction Display (VEMD):
    • Computes and displays the main vehicle and
      engine parameters
    • First Limitation Indication (FLI)
  • Caution Advisory Display (CAD):
    • Amber warnings and advisories
    • Fuel management (quantity, flow and pressure)
  • Full Health and Usage Monitoring System (optional) with quick access release for HOMP (Helicopter Operator Monitoring Program) and integrated maintenance assistance based on data recording and proactive monitoring for flight safety enhancement


Characteristics Content

‘At the Top of its Class’

The H155 offers more cabin space and power than others in its class. Its versatility makes it ideal for any type of mission. Some 60 customers in 28 countries have chosen the H155. Nearly 1,000 Dauphins have been delivered all around the world, logging 4,780,000 total flight hours – the fleet leader having accumulated 26,000 flight hours. Eurocopter’s commitment to constant innovation has kept the H155 at the forefront of technology and effectiveness.

Passenger transportation 1 or 2 pilots + up to 12 passengers with comfort seats
1 or 2 pilots + up to 9 pasengers with corporate layout
1 pilot + 6 passengers (high density version)
Medevac transport 1 or 2 pilots + 2 stretchers and 4 pax/attendants
Cargo 1 pilot + 3 m3 (105.9 ft3) in the cabin
Maximum take-off weight 4,920 kg / 10,846 lbs
Useful load 2,301 kg / 5,073 lbs
Sling capacity 1,600 kg / 3,527 lbs
Engines 2 Safran Arriel 2C2 turbine engines
Maximum speed (Vne), SL 324 km/h / 175 kts
Fast cruise speed at 6,000 ft 278 km/h / 150 kts
Maximum range with standard tanks at recommended cruise speed 784 km / 423 nm
Maximum range with optional auxiliary tanks at recommended cruise speed 905 km / 489 nm


  • Passenger Transportation

    EC155 PassengerElegantly designed and ready to meet the needs of each customer, the efficient H155 represents beauty and functionality combined. The form of the H155, from its distinctive nose to its rear “dorsal fin”, clearly distinguishes it as a member of the exclusive Dauphin family. The high-set main rotor and shrouded tail rotor enhance safety for boarding passengers and for ground crew. The two extra wide passenger doors with full-length boarding steps facilitate easy access to the cabin, and the large baggage compartment may be conveniently accessed from both sides of the aircraft, allowing quick loading of bulky luggage. In flight, passengers appreciate the panoramic view offered by the large windows. The H155’ state-of-the-art glass cockpit and avionics considerably reduce the pilot’s workload.

    ‘Smooth Flying in Style’

    The wide unobstructed cabin can accommodate 2 pilots and up to
    12 passengers in comfort configuration, up to 9 passengers inEC155 Passengercorporate configuration and up to 8 passengers in VIP configuration. The fully-modular, spacious interior, characterized by its fluid design, is outfitted with extra-thick insulation and special flooring.

    High-end options include soft leather club seats, power sources for laptops, adjustable reading lights, cabin air-conditioning as well as air outlets for each passenger. VIP amenities can include satcom and in-flight entertainment to increase on-board comfort.

  • Oil and Gas

    EC155 Oil & GasAs the leading helicopter supplier to the Oil and Gas industry worldwide, Airbus Helicopters offers with the H155 the most cost-efficient helicopter of its class, as it has been designed to ensure low maintenance costs. Merging the modernity of its design with the experience of the Dauphin family, the H155’s unwavering reliability ensures high operational availability.

    ‘Workhorse for the Oil & Gas Industry’

    The cutting-edge digital avionics, exclusive 4-axis auto-pilot and Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) of the H155 reduce pilot workload and enhance safety even in the roughest weather conditions. It more than fulfills the most stringent safety requirements of oil and gas companies. In addition, its all-composite rotors, rotor head and famous Fenestron tail rotor make it the quietest midsized helicopter – a quality much appreciated by long-haul passengers and pilots.

    Thanks to its high speed, its small D value (14.3 m/46.91 ft), its high set main rotor and shrouded tail rotor that enhance safety even on small and busy decks, the H155 is the ideal aircraft for long-haul operations and inter-rig shuttle transportation.

  • EMS and SAR

    EC155 EMSThe H155 offers high speed, long range, accessibility and safety with a large cabin for the best EMS and SAR performance. With its lightweight modular specialist mission equipment, configurations can be changed quickly and easily. The low vibration and noise levels ensure the best care for sick and injured patients. The advanced Human Machine Interface, state-of-the-art glass cockpit and unique Airbus Helicopters 4-axis automatic flight control system maximize the pilot’s effectiveness for these most demanding missions, even in the worst conditions.

    ‘When every second counts’

    The large, unobstructed cabin offers enough room for multiple patients, medical personnel and materials, including bulky medical equipment, holding up to two stretchers with eight seats. Extra wide sliding doors and full-length boarding steps make loading hassle-free. The high-set main rotor and tail rotor allow for safe loading even while the rotors are turning. For Search and Rescue, the H155 can be fitted with a large range of equipment including electrical hoist, Electronic Optical System (TV camera/ IR camera) with downlink system, searchlight and rappelling system.

  • Law Enforcement

    EC155 PoliceThe H155’s high speed and long endurance make it an ideal tool for law enforcement operations ranging from patrol to airborne surveillance. With the largest cabin and lift capacity in its class, the H155 can transport SWAT units of up to 12 members and equipment to the incident area. Sophisticated law enforcement equipment can easily be loaded into the large baggage compartment, accessible from either side of the helicopter. The H155 offers unmatched visibility and an incredibly discrete noise level for effective surveillance operations. Its state-of-the-art glass cockpit avionics display is compatible with night-vision goggles, which makes it fully available night and day. The H155 benefits from years of Dauphin family experience and has been
    designed to ensure low maintenance costs while providing the
    highest rate of availability.

    EC155 PoliceH155 can perform a variety of police missions:

    • Traffic control
    • Surveillance
    • Protecting sensitive sites
    • Collecting photographic evidence
    • Border patrol
    • Air support to ground operations
    • SWAT transport



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