Headquartered in Fort Erie, Dsc2466 Ontario with a team of approximately 250 employees, Airbus Helicopters Canada also has sales support across the country and a 24/7 customer service network in place.

As one of the world’s largest helicopter manufacturers, Airbus Helicopters proudly offers a more extensive product range than any of its competitors, as well as the ability to identify and anticipate the most significant needs of our customers.

Airbus Helicopters Canada is committed to providing the media and our customer’s the most accurate and timely information in regards to our products, services and community endeavors.

Airbus Helicopters provides the public with a wide variety of interactive social networking tools and apps to continually stay informed:

If you are a Canadian Airbus Helicopters customer with a story to share, please feel free to contact us.

AHCA Communications
Tel: (905) 871-7772
Email: information.ahca_communications.ahca@airbus.com