Because each and every team member at Airbus Helicopters Canada plays a critical role in creating and maintaining our high customer satisfaction, the work quality and our customers’ long term loyalty.


Jake Rosina, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer for 20 years

“Company where I have taken advantage of hard earned opportunity to advance my career and develop the Airbus product to fulfil the diverse roles of the Canadian helicopter industry. I have had the ability to travel with the company to many different places to work onsite directly with the customer to make sure the aircraft meets the specialized mission requirements, retro fit older aircraft to meet new aircraft specifications and to attend type specific courses. I am proud to been able to share my knowledge with our new apprentices and develop new talent for the helicopter aviation industry”.


Colleen MacDonald, Composite Lay-up Technician

“When I first came to Airbus Helicopters Canada I was immediately impressed by how passionate my co-workers were about their job. Airbus Helicopters Canada may be a big business but I get the feeling that the family spirit first instilled by the aviation pioneers is still very much alive. I am honored to be in a company involved in its local community. These all make Airbus Helicopters Canada a great place to work”.


Andy Chen, University of Toronto – 8 Months Internship Placement as Project Engineer

“Eight months ago, I had no idea of what this year will be like for me. Today, I can say that I truly enjoyed every day of my internship here at Airbus Helicopters Canada. The rewarding projects, the helicopters passing by my window and the people who are so helpful and amicable will be engraved into my mind. This was an ecstatic experience. I was also so glad to receive the first Airbus Helicopters Canada Student outstanding performance award. Retrospectively, it was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made”.