‘Everything you need rolled into a handy little package’

H120 Overview

The H120 is a five-seat intermediate single-engine multipurpose helicopter designed to provide its users with mission flexibility.

It features advanced technologies for simple, safe and cost-efficient operations, as well as, easy maintenance. The H120’s state-of-the-art ergonomic cockpit, complete with a dual LCD-screen Vehicle and Engine Multifunction Display (VEMD), greatly decreases the pilot’s workload and its Safran Arrius 2F engine offers very low fuel consumption. Its Spheriflex® main rotor head, all-composite blades and Fenestron® tail rotor increases safety, simplifies maintenance tasks and reduces the noise level to 6.7 dB below ICAO limits, making the H120 by far the quietest helicopter in its class.

The H120 can comfortably carry up to 4 passengers and 1 pilot, all on energy absorbing seats. The wide cabin, generous visibility and large luggage compartment make this aircraft ideal for a variety of missions. With very low operating costs and outstanding performance, the H120 is the most efficient aircraft in its class.

In Canada, the H120 is widely used by law enforcement agencies, private and corporate customers and training schools from coast-to-coast who benefit daily from its quiet operation, high maneuverability and enhanced safety features.


Technology Content

‘The Next Generation Technology, Today’

The H120 integrates more advanced technologies than any other light single-engine helicopter in its class in the world. These advances help make it easier to fly, safer and more cost-effective. Designed with simplicity in mind, this aircraft is one of the most user-friendly aircraft available. The H120 is the first single-engine helicopter to meet the requirements of the new JAR 27 safety regulations with features such as:

H120 Fuel
Crashworthy fuel systems
H120 Seats
Energy attenuating fuel
structure and seats

Other features that make the H120 one of the most modern and technologically advanced products include:

  • New generation of Fenestron® tail rotor
    • Low noise level
    • High ground clearance
    • No servo controls (low costs)
    • Safety on ground and in flight
 EC120 Fenestron
  • High performance composite rotor blades
    • No corrosion
    • High resistance to damage
 EC120 Blades
  •  SAFRAN Arrius 2F engine
    • Powerful
    • Simple: 2 modules
    • Proven design
    • Low fuel consumption
 EC120 Engine
  • Instrument Panel
    • Ergonomic and state-of the-art, the instrument panel includes the VEMD® for the management and control of the main vehicle and engine parameters. The sophisticated VEMD® monitoring system decreases the pilot’s workload, allowing him to concentrate fully on the task at hand.
EC120 Panel



Characteristics Content

The H120’s outstanding performance is the cumulative result of 50 years’ experience in designing, manufacturing and supporting light single-engine helicopters.

Passenger transportation 1 pilot + 4 passengers
Maximum take-off weight 1,715 kg / 3,781 lbs
Maximum operational weight in external load configuration 1,800 kg / 3,968 lbs
Empty weight, standard configuration 994 kg / 2,191 lbs
Useful load, standard configuration 721 kg / 1,543 lbs
Maximum cargo-swing load 700 kg / 1,5473 lbs
Standard fuel tank 321 kg / 707 lbs
Take-off power 376 kW / 504 shp
Performance at MTOW, ISA, SL
Maximum speed (Vne) 278 km/h per hr / 150 kts
Rate of climb 5.84 m per sec/1,150 ft per min
Service ceiling 5,182 m / 17,000 ft
Hover ceiling OGE
at take-off power
2,316 m / 7,600 ft
Maximum range without reserve at recommended cruise speed 710 km / 383 nm
Operation Limitations
Maximum operating altitude 6,096 m / 20,000 ft
Minimum temperature – 40°C / – 40°F
Maximum temperature ISA + 35°C (+ 95°F) limited to + 50°C (+ 122°F)


  • Utility

    EC120 UtilityThe H120 plays a large role in the utility sector, thanks to its dependability, efficiency, quietness, comfort and safety. Designed with the word “adaptability” in mind, this aircraft will be able to perform your mission no matter what task you throw at it. The H120’s simplicity is the key to its versatility–it can be configured and easily reconfigured and comes with a large list of optional equipment for a variety of utility missions. These missions may range from sling load operations to electronic news gathering, oil and gas transportation and any other job you need to perform.

    ‘Unparalleled Mission Flexibility’

    EC120 UtilityThe H120 offers state-of-art integrated technology that allows the pilot to focus concentrating solely on the mission at hand. Its exceptional visibility, impressive maneuverability and stability coupled with its VEMD considerably reduce the workload, all while enhancing safety.

    The cabin and the large baggage compartment can accommodate a variety of cargo and bulk loads, and the flat, unobstructed floor makes loading and unloading effortless. It’s very low fuel consumption and ease of maintenance is why the H120 boasts the lowest operating cost in its class.

  • Passenger Transportation

    EC120 PassengerIn its passenger transportation configuration, the H120 provides outstanding comfort in its spacious cabin – highly appreciated features in a light helicopter. In the extra-large cabin, four passengers and one pilot can travel at ease and in full security thanks to the energy absorbing seats and the wide, unobstructed windows provide exceptional visibility.

    The H120 is neighborhood friendly, as its exceptional low noise level doesn’t cause disturbance while flying over urban areas. The large baggage compartment is easily accessible from the rear and right-hand side and can hold up to 5 suitcases. There is also a possible access from the cabin thanks to a removable panel.

    The H120 is also available in a range of interior options,
    specially designed with corporate needs in mind.

  • Law Enforcement

    EC120 PoliceThe H120 is the perfect helicopter for Law Enforcement missions – it can get the job done while remaining cost-efficient. Thanks to its low empty weight and powerful engine, it can carry a wide variety of police equipment: FLIR cameras search light, hailers, etc. Its high endurance capability and unmatched quiet technology (6.7 dB under ICAO limits) make it the perfect surveillance platform for police operations, ranging from traffic control to ground support. Some police forces have even dubbed their H120 as their “eye in the sky,” thanks to the air support provided for operations on the ground.

    ‘The bad guys don’t stand a chance’

    EC120 Mission CapabilitiesThis helicopter offers an unmatched visibility and a wide unobstructed flat floor cabin allowing room for both police forces and equipment. Its low vibration level provides outstanding comfort for long flights and allows for the installation of all types of police equipment and avionics necessary to accomplish the mission.

    With its high maneuverability and dispatch reliability, the H120 can respond at a moment’s notice. Thanks to the integration of the latest technologies, the H120 has proven to be the safest, most efficient aircraft in its class for law enforcement missions.

    Mission Capabilities

    • Surveillance
    • Crowd control
    • Anti-terrorist support
    • Firefighting support
    • Drug enforcement and detection
    • Aerial support to ground operations
    • Border patrol

    View the Law Enforcement Brochure.

  • Training

    EC120 PilotThe H120 is a great helicopter for both initial and recurrent pilot training thanks to its compact size, reduced operating cost, ease of use, simple design and large cabin visibility. Equipped with the most advanced technologies and enhanced energy absorbing systems (seats, main structure, fuel tanks), the H120 can perform training missions in optimal safety conditions.

    Simplicity without compromise

    The H120 is certified for both left and right seat piloting. The pilot and co-pilot stations have exactly the same controls, enabling the instructor to take control of the helicopter whenever necessary. The modern and simple instrumentation is ideal for training sessions, but will also help pilots to easily fly other helicopters with similar ergonomic cockpit designs, which is a Airbus Helicopters family concept. EC120 ThrottleThis will help the trainee to become familiar with other high-tech helicopters.

    Low Operating Costs

    Thanks to its simple maintenance program and low fuel consumption, overall training costs remain low as well.

    Easy handling for trainees

    • Dual controls, twist-grip throttle, rotor brake
    • Positive control response
    • First limit indicator (T4, Torque, engine RPM reading)
    • Performance computation (HOGE, HIGE)
    • Endurance calculation (optional)


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