‘Making the best even better’

AS350 B3eThe high-performance member of the Ecureuil family, the AS350 B3 outclasses all other single engine helicopters for performance, versatility, safety and competitive acquisition and maintenance costs. It excels in hot conditions and very high altitudes, and broke records when a standard production aircraft landed on the top of Mount Everest in 2005 (altitude: 29,029 ft /8,848 m).

The best keeps getting even better – Airbus Helicopters is taking this aircraft to a whole new level with the enhanced
H125 (AS350 B3e).

H125 is powered with a new Safran Arriel 2D engine including a new generation dual digital engine control system (FADEC), backed up AS350 B3ewith one independent control system for automatic start-up sequences and care-free engine handling. This modern engine has an increased reliability and decreased maintenance costs and is fitted with an Engine Data Recorder.

The H125 offers a new elegant cabin, increasing passenger comfort. Thanks to its versatile flat floored cabin, the H125 can be quickly and easily reconfigured for all types of missions, from utility and heavy load transportation to medical evacuation, Search and Rescue, law enforcement and passenger transportation.


Technology Content

‘A state-of-the-art workhorse’

The H125 cockpit, with its dual LCD-screen Vehicle and Engine Multifunction Display (VEMD), allows the pilot to check at a glance the main vehicle and engine parameters – thus reducing workload and enhancing safety.

The use of composite material for the airframe, rotors and main rotor head gives the H125 the best protection against corrosion and, consequently, reduces your maintenance costs.

New Safran Arriel 2D engine:

AS350 B3 EngineHigh performance, Reliable and Low
Maintenance Cost

  • The legendary reliability of the Arriel family has over 32 million flight hours
    of experience
  • Modular design
  • New dual-channel Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) generation is backed-up with one independent control system to enhance safety and decrease the pilot’s workload. It also ensures engine monitoring, providing it with the correct fuel, air and ignition ratios required for optimum performance with minimum fuel expenditure to suit any given exterior condition
  • Engine Data Recorder: Manages cycle counting and damage tracking for more anticipated maintenance
  • Time Between Overhaul (TBO): Engine TBO and maintenance inspection intervals are extended, reducing operating costs

AS350 B3e VEMD

Vehicle and Engine Multifunction Display

The VEMD is modern, fully duplex equipment for the management and control of the main vehicle and engine parameters. It provides several display modes including: operational (mission and performance calculation, automatic engine power check) and maintenance mode (flight report, failure and over limit detection).

The VEMD considerably reduces the flight crew’s workload and improves safety, as the pilot can see all the parameters at a glance and concentrate solely on his mission.

Hydraulic system and Flight Controls improvement

  • Enhanced reliability
  • Decreased maintenance
AS350 B3e Hydraulic


Characteristics Content

AS350 B3eLeader in its class

The powerful, high-performance H125 is designed to carry out the most demanding missions in the most extreme weather and geographical conditions. Its exceptional lifting capability, high endurance, extended range and fast cruise speed make the H125 the leader in its class.

Another world record: An AS350 B3 climbed to 3,000 meters / 9,900 ft in 2 minutes 21 seconds and made a world record landing on Mount Everest.

The value of experience

AS350 B3The H125 is a member of Airbus Helicopters’ rugged and proven Ecureuil family. 4,900 Ecureuils have been delivered in 98 countries for some 1,600 operators. These aircraft have accumulated more than 22 million hours.

More than 900 H125 series are currently in-service worldwide and are mainly used for high performance missions in “high and hot” conditions.

Configuration Pilot Passenger
High density version 1 6
Standard version 1 5
Comfort version 1 4/5
Air medical transportation
Configuration Pilot Doctor Stretcher
Casualty evacuation 1 2 1
Load transportation
Configuration Pilot Load in Cabin
Cargo carrying 1 105.9 ft3 (3 m3)
Maximum takeoff weight
With the optional “kit to increase Internal Gross Weight”
4,960 lb / 2,250 kg
5,225 lb / 2,370 kg
Maximum takeoff weight with external load 6,172 lb / 2,800 kg
Maximum cargo-swing load 3,086 lb / 1,400 kg
Engine 1 SAFRAN ARRIEL 2D turbine engine
Takeoff power 847 shp / 632 kW
Performance at Max. GROSS WEIGHT, ISA, SL
Maximum speed (Vne) 155 kts / 287 km/hr
Fast cruise speed 140 kts / 345 nm
Range with standard tank 127 kts / 638 km
Max Endurance 4 hrs 23 min
Rate of climb 1,959 ft/min / 10 m per sec
Service ceiling 16,550 ft / 5,044 m
Hover ceiling IGE 13,200 ft / 4,023 m
Hover ceiling OGE 11,100 ft / 3,383 m
Operation Limitations
Maximum altitude (PA) 23,000 ft / 7,010 m
Minimum temperature – 40°C / – 40°C
Maximum temperature ISA + 35°C / + 95°F, limited to + 50°C / + 122°F


  • Utility

    The powerful H125 is reliable, comfortable, safe and cost-effective.

    The H125 can be configured and easily reconfigured with a long list of certified optional equipment for whatever utility mission you may have. With its lifting power capacity, endurance and maneuverability, the H125 is always up for the most rigorous hot and high missions and sling work (external load capability is 3,086 lb / 1,400 kg).

    Ready for any mission

    The new powerful Arriel 2D engine offers state-of-the-art technology for outstanding reliability, simplified maintenance and low operating costs.

    Mission Capabilities include:

    AS350 B3 Sling Load AS350 B3 Fire Fighting AS350 B3 Hoisting
    Sling load operations Firefighting Hoisting
    AS350 B3e News AS350 B3 Hydro


    • Crop spraying
    • Parachute dropping
    News gathering
    Power line inspection
  • Passenger Transportation

    AS350 B3 PassengerThe H125 provides passengers with the highest level of comfort and elegance in its roomy, air-conditioned, redesigned cabin.

    The pilot’s workload is considerably reduced thanks to the aircraft’s ergonomic cockpit featuring dual LCD-screen Vehicle and Engine Multifunction Display (VEMD).

    The H125 offers a low vibration level and great comfort for passengers. With its easy cabin access through two large sliding doors, forward-facing seats and large baggage compartments, the H125 is the ultimate single engine helicopter for the most demanding business aviation customers all over the world.

    AS350 B3e InteriorNew Interior Design

    Thanks to its wide and unobstructed cabin, high cruising speed, range and payload, the H125 can carry more passengers on more round-trips per day than any other helicopter in its class. The interior and seats have been redesigned to provide the most comfortable and stylish accommodations for your flight.

  • Law Enforcement

    AS350 B3 RCMPThe H125 is well adapted to multi-role law enforcement missions including: surveillance, command and control, search and rescue, SWAT unit transportation and hoisting of canine units, as well as, flying border patrol in hot and high conditions.

    The H125 offers excellent visibility, a pilot-friendly ergonomic cockpit and exceptional endurance and speed.

    The unobstructed flat floor cabin concept and low vibration level allow for the installation of all necessary equipment, including fully integrated law enforcement instrument panels, infrared cameras and tactical consoles.

    Eyes in the Sky

    The H125 features the latest technologies and can also be equipped with a wide range of certified optional law enforcement equipment. Police forces in some 30 regions across the world already operate aircraft from the H125 family. The H125 is capable of high-speed pursuits and offers excellent maneuverability. Thanks to its FADEC-equipped engine, starting the H125 is automatic and very simple. Its modular design makes it easy to maintain, increasing its availability rate. The H125 offers day and night VFR flight capability and can be customized with NVG compatible lighting sources and instruments.


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