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President & Chief Operating Officer
Dwayne Charette
Tel: (905) 871-7772
Email: dwayne.charette[at]
Director, Public Relations
and Corporate Affairs
Laura Senecal
Tel: (905) 871-7772
Email: laura.senecal[at]


Chief Financial Officer
Andrew Vilkas
Tel: (905) 994-2947
Email: andrew.vilkas[at]
Accounts Receivable
Kelly Pyke
Tel: (905) 994-2959
Email: kelly.pyke[at]
Accounts Payable
Kimberly Tonkin
Tel: (905) 871-7772
Email: kimberly.tonkin[at]

SALES & Marketing

Manager, Contract Administration and Customer Experience
Amanda Cote
Tel: (905) 994-2967
Email: amanda.cote[at]
Regional Sales Manager, Western
Wayne Woytkiw
Cel: (604) 362-8614
Email: wayne.woytkiw[at]
Regional Sales Manager, Eastern
Matthieu Laporte
Cel: (438) 993-7521
Email: matthieu.laporte[at]

Customer Support (Warranty, Spares, R&O, Optional Equipment)

Director, Support & Services
Wilhelm Stampfer
Tel: (905) 994-2912
Email: wilhelm.stampfer[at]
Manager, Support & Services
Amanda Bondar
Tel: (905) 994-2974
Email: amanda.bondar[at]
Manager, MRO-Dynamic Components and Blades

Allan Shewan

Tel: (905) 994-2914

Email: allan.shewan[at]

Customer Support Representative
Paige Elly
Tel: (905) 994-2930
Email: paige.elly[at]
Customer Support Representative
Tracey Lahaie
Tel: (905) 994-2957
Email: tracey.lahaie[at]
Customer Support Representative
Solomon Poku
Tel: (905) 994-2908
Email: solomon.poku[at]
Customer Support Representative
James Taylor
Tel: (604) 244-1669
Email: james.taylor[at]
Customer Support Representative & Technical Publications Administrator
Caren Stewart
Tel: (905) 994-2969
Email: caren.stewart[at]
Supervisor, Blades
Adam Everett
T: 905-994-2904
Email: adam.everett[at]
Customer Support Representative
Sean Ott
Tel: (905) 994-2946
Customer Support Representative
Mandy Jenson
Tel: (905) 994-2930
Email: mandy.jenson[at]
Customer Support Representative
Ray White
Tel: (905) 994-2954
Email: ray.white[at]

Afterhours AOG Support Call: 1-800-267-4999

Technical Support
Supervisor, Technical Support
Blair Auld
Tel: (905) 994-2918
Cel: (905) 321-3758
Email: blair.auld[at]
Technical Representative, Eastern Canada
Andre Guay
Tel: (514) 334-5554
Cel: (514) 240-7642
Email: andre.guay[at]
Technical Representative, Western Canada
Jarrod Creally
Tel: (778) 475-1899
Cel: (250) 307-6408
Email: jarrod.creally[at]
Technical Representative, Central Canada
Thorsten Carlsen
Tel: (780) 705-2530
Cel: (780) 884-2478
Email: thorsten.carlsen[at]
Technical Representative, Western Canada
Peter Swinnard
Tel: (604) 244-1669
Cel: (604) 644-5733
Email: peter.swinnard[at]
Technical Representative, Ontario Region
Rod Tupala
Tel: (905) 994-2988
Cel: (905) 401-6493
Email: rod.tupala[at]
Technical Representative, Avionics
Brad Morgan
Tel: (905) 994-2977
Cel: (905)-401-6794
Email: brad.morgan[at]

Technical Publications

Supervisor, Technical Publications
Caren Stewart
Tel: (905) 994-2969
Email: caren.stewart[at]


Training Administration
LaSonja Willis-Saucer
Tel: 972-641-5234
Email: Lasonja.Willis-Saucer[at]


Manager of Supply Chain Management
Carol-Ann Chase
Tel: (905) 994-2963

Human Resources

Director, Human Resources
Diane Sanderson
Tel: (905) 871-7772
Email: diane.sanderson[at]
Human Resources Coordinator
Tara Overholt
Tel: (905) 871-7772
Email: tara.overholt[at]

Quality Assurance

Head of Quality Assurance
Ray Perreault
Tel: (905) 871-7772
Email: ray.perreault[at]


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