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Avionics Solutions

Avionics Solutions


Airbus Helicopters Canada designs and installs custom avionics solutions for new aircraft and upgraded avionics packages for used aircraft.

Airbus Helicopters Canada provides complete functional testing of all avionics installations, including:

Kyle Washington Aircraft

Communication and Navigation

  • VHF and UHF AM/FM communication transceivers
  • Transponder and DME systems
  • VHF Navigability (VOR, LOC, GS receivers)
  • GPS receivers
  • Custom ICS
  • ELT transmitters


IP Kyle Washington

Cockpit Design

  • Glass cockpit avionics packages using multifunction state of the art EFIS displays
  • Customized cockpit lighting solutions, day/night VFR and NVG (NVIS)
  • Customized instrument panel configurations

Optional equipment installations

  • Customer specific modifications (entertainment systems, satellite communications, etc.)
  • Law enforcement mission systems as FLIR, searchlight, microwave downlink
  • Power supply and distribution modifications and upgrades
  • Aircraft Tracking systems
Winnipeg Police


  • Fabrication of the aircraft Comm/Nav wiring harnesses
  • Installation and testing of the Comm/Nav harnesses in aircraft
  • Installation of mission avionics options
  • Pre-flight and flight testing of completed helicopter

For more information please contact: Peter Sharpe at peter.sharpe[at] or at (905) 994-2925

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