Airbus Helicopters Canada provides complete functional testing of all avionics installations, including:

Kyle Washington Aircraft

Communication and Navigation

  • VHF and UHF AM/FM communication transceivers
  • Transponder and DME systems
  • VHF Navigability (VOR, LOC, GS receivers)
  • GPS receivers
  • Custom ICS
  • ELT transmitters


IP Kyle Washington

Cockpit Design

  • Glass cockpit avionics packages using multifunction state of the art EFIS displays
  • Customized cockpit lighting solutions, day/night VFR and NVG (NVIS)
  • Customized instrument panel configurations

Optional equipment installations

  • Customer specific modifications (entertainment systems, satellite communications, etc.)
  • Law enforcement mission systems as FLIR, searchlight, microwave downlink
  • Power supply and distribution modifications and upgrades
  • Aircraft Tracking systems
Winnipeg Police


  • Fabrication of the aircraft Comm/Nav wiring harnesses
  • Installation and testing of the Comm/Nav harnesses in aircraft
  • Installation of mission avionics options
  • Pre-flight and flight testing of completed helicopter

For more information please contact: Loic Meuret at loic.meuret[at] or at (905) 994-2971