Dear Valued Customer, 

As we head into Summer I hope that everyone has a safe and successful operating season!

As most of our customers go full steam ahead into the flying season of the year, I thought it would be a great time to talk about the importance of regular manintenace.

140620_110934_IMG_6406Recently, we had Slave Lake Helicopters’ and the Erie County Sheriff’s Department’s aicraft at the Fort Erie facility for their 12 Year Inspection.  Being located in the main manufacturing facility, these customers took full advantage of the capabilities and resources that Airbus Helicopters has to offer, including fully qualified and experienced factory trained AME’s.

The 12 Year Inspection includes Comprehensive Structural Inspection, Detailed Flight Control Inspection, Complete functional Inspection & check of Instruments and NAV Equipment, Vibration Analysis and Tuning, Full 600 hours inspection in conjunction and all life cycle maintenance and overhauls.

The high quality of workmanship has brought back customers time and again to utilize Service Centre capabilities, especially to have 12 year inspections performed on their aircraft over the years to keep them flying.

Additionally, due to new Canadian Spam Legislation we have launched a campaign for all of our customers and additional contacts to provide consent so that we can continue to provide important Airbus Helicopters information (including this newsletter) on a regular basis. Please see the following article for further information.

We hope that you enjoy this edition of the Airbus Helicopters Canada newsletter!

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Gordon Kay

Director, Customer Support