Airbus Helicopters Canada is excited to announce that this summer Canadian customers will be among the first worldwide to have expanded access two new services through the Keycopter portal. These new functionalities, E-Queries and E-Warranty, will allow customers 24-hr online submission of requests for support and warranty claims combined with real-time logging and online access to status updates.

Using the E-Queries module, customers will be able to submit an unlimited variety of requests.


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The E-Warranty function will allow all Keycopter users to do away with paper forms and PDFs and provide the ability to submit complete claim information, photos and attachments in a quick and easy online form.


 All requests received will be automatically dispatched to the same Airbus Helicopters customer support team members you work with today with the added ability to view and track all open requests submitted across your organization in real-time.

Airbus Helicopters Canada is looking forward to launching these new E-Services to you and your organizations. If you have questions regarding your Keycopter or the launch of these new services, please let us know how we can help by contacting: spares[at]