Following reported issues with some of the new double row ball bearings, installed on the

Hydraulic Pump Drive Pulley – post Mod. 07 9566, Eurocopter France has

issued EASB 05-00-72. This EASB requires multiple inspections of the Drive

Pulley Bearing at 165 Hours and every 25 Hours afterwards, on aircraft with

Single Hydraulic Systems.  The intention of the initial 165 Hour interval is to

carry out the examination during a 150 Hour Inspection and still maintain a 10%

margin for operational convenience.


The 25 Hour inspection interval can create additional maintenance for operators.

To reduce this burden, ECL will be offering an exchange program that will replace

the bearing so aircraft can  go an additional 165 hours . As the aircraft

approaches its next 150 Hour inspection, simply fill out a warranty form

referencing the EASB and the standard aircraft information and contact

your CSR with your delivery time-frame.  The CSR will respond with an

RMA number for tracking purposes and ECL will send an exchange

Hydraulic Drive Pulley Assembly P/N 350A35-0132-00 with a new bearing.

This bearing will be free of charge.


We ask that the removed Drive Pulley Assembly be returned as soon as possible in

order to keep  a ready supply of exchange units on-hand. We at ECL hope that this exchange

program will lessen any inconvenience incurred by this EASB. The exchange program will continue until a permanent solution for the double row bearing is in