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From the Director


From the Director

Dear Valued Customer, 

As we head into Winter I hope that everyone enjoys a safe and joyous holiday season!

The Eurocopter Canada (ECL) Customer Support team currently supports in excess of 650 Eurocopter (EC) aircraft operating in Canada. Within that number of aircraft there exist 13 models with 26 variants.

In addition, ECL also develops and supports numerous STC’s that are sold throughout the world.

ECL’s Commercial Office handles all commercial transactions including sales of parts, ECL STC’s and kits. Additionally they process all warranty claims, tool rentals and repair & overhaul transactions (including rentals and exchanges). Each operator / customer is assigned a dedicated Customer Service Representative (CSR) and a backup CSR that handles each of the previously listed services (single point of contact).

With this in mind it is important to consider that a timely response and processing of a request can be aided by supplying essential information as follows:

  • Aircraft type, model & SN
  • Any pertinent references (IPC, SB, STC etc.)
  • Known or possible alternate PN’s
  • Ensure that requests are legible
  • Include a deadline
  • Current shipping information (method / priority / account # / location)

As always it is our goal to keep you flying and minimize downtime. By providing essential information from the beginning we will be better equipped to meet this goal.




Gordon Kay

Director, Customer Support


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