Technical documentation for the following aircraft types are currently available via ORION Online and have replaced INDOC.

  • AS350 B2/B3
  • EC130
  • EC135
  • EC225

Upcoming deployment schedule by aircraft type for ORION is as follows:

  • EC120 is planned by W51
  • AS355 by W2/2015.
  • AS350 B,BA,B1,D in the first quarter of 2015

E Tech Pub







The CMM, which are currently issued on DVD-ROM, are available online. When renewing your subscription to

CMM products, you will be able to choose between online access and a physical device (DVD).

To access the online CMM, you must have:

– Access to the Airbus Helicopters KeyCopter website

– A subscription to the desired products.

Please contact your technical documentation commercial representative to set up these access rights and subscriptions so that you can transfer as quickly as possible to online access.

Note: Only the CMM for which Airbus Helicopters has duplicating rights are issued online. For subscription to any other CMM not issued by Airbus Helicopters, please contact the equipment manufacturer concerned.

For further information please contact Caren Stewart at 905-994-2969.