With its two powerful category A, Fadec controlled engines, a cabin with sliding doors, high capacity external cargo hook, small ground footprint and exceptional performances, the EC135 is fast becoming the aircraft of choice for hydro utility operations.


The EC135 is the quietest helicopter and has the lowest direct operating costs in its class, which makes it one of the most economical twin-engine helicopters.


2014-06-10 08.45.09 Its shrouded Fenestron tail rotor along with its high set bearing-less main rotor ensures low vulnerability to environmental hazards when maneuvering close to terrain thereby increasing safety for ground personnel and reducing on-condition maintenance. Also it offers others state of the art safety equipment such as energy-absorbing fuselage, seats, and crash-resistant fuel cells.

The aircraft offers excellent one-engine inoperative performance even at high altitudes and in hot climates, ensuring the best international safety standards when performing various tasks related to power line patrol, maintenance and construction operations in the hydro sector.

The platform benefits from years of experience. More than 1,100 EC135 have been delivered worldwide with it close to reaching a record of 3,000,000 flying hours. This has been largely due to the versatility of the platform, being able to perform EMS, public services and utility missions.

Airbus Helicopters Canada has recently delivered a new EC135 to Blackcomb Aviation which makes it along with Finnair’s EC135 a pioneer in the Canadian hydro sector.