Working in the Powerline or the Hydro Sector requires a high percentage of flying for both the commercial and utility helicopter fleet.  It has been established as one of the most challenging and ever evolving environments for rotary aircraft operations; showcasing vast diversity in established work practices from coast to coast.



With a focus to promote safety in a powerline environment and to encourage discussions on rotary wing best practices within a global perspective amongst the utilities and hydro industry, Airbus Helicopters Canada will be hosting the 2nd International Powerline Symposium in Vancouver BC, November 11-12th, 2015.

With over 70 attendees including, Hydro Agencies, Operators, Safety Consultants, Trade Associations, Hydro Procurement Officers, End Users and International Industry Experts, this year’s symposium will have workshops, networking, breakout sessions, and will cover a wide variety of topics and issues pertinent to the powerline industry such as: risks in powerline surveillance and inspections, overview and best practices from a global perspective and so much more!


Airbus Helicopters Canada is committed to the advancement of fleet safety and believes symposiums like these will contribute in making strides in promoting the best practices within the rotary wing industry and elevate safety culture, by exposing practices from a global perspective.

It is our intention to hold this Symposium bi-yearly.  If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this event please do not hesitate to contact the marketing team at marketing [at]