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Introducing E-Techpubs!


Introducing E-Techpubs!

Eurocopter Canada is pleased to inform its customers of an upcoming online tool called “E-Techpubs”.

This online service will provide customers with quick access to their existing tech pub subscriptions through PDF format at the most current revision level and upon its release. The files can be downloaded and printed.

In the coming months, “E-Techpubs” will provide customers access to technical publications via a new interactive browser.

These new applications are expected to be fully functional for the Canadian customer base within the first quarter of 2013.

Eurocopter Canada will strive to keep customers informed of its progress and will relay any information related to “E-Techpubs” as it becomes available.

Eurocopter Canada is very excited to offer its customers the ability to access publications online, providing a better level of service.

Please contact Caren Stewart, Supervisor, Technical Publications at caren.stewart[at] or (905) 994-2969, with any questions regarding “E-Techpubs”.

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