The new innovative on-line technical publications service will allow Eurocopter Canada’s customers to gain access to all up-to-date aircraft publications through the Keycopter portal. This will create instant access as soon as the publications are released.

“We strive to make all support materials easily accessible for our customers,” said Guy Joannes, President and CEO, ECL. “With the new on-line technical publications we endeavor to provide integral information at a moment’s notice. This system will be environmentally friendly as well as, cost-effective. ”

There will be two deployment phases of the online services. The first phase is a PDF format that will enable the customer to consult the latest documents in the form of a reference library as well as, download the desired manuals for off-line use with a possibility to print individual documents one at a time. This offer will cover both the basic and customized manuals.

The second phase will be available in the coming months, in the form of an Interactive Viewer (O.R.I.O.N) available online. It will function much like the current INDOC DVD’s. This offer will eventually replace the current INDOC and OPEN DVD’s. Customers will have the option to access their publications either by contract or by aircraft. 

When consulting by contract, a list of all current subscriptions will be available and customers will gain access to the corresponding technical documents. When consulting by aircraft, customers will have access to the technical publications assigned to their particular aircraft. Both of these on-line services will be offered through a one year renewable subscription.

A few benefits of the new on-line technical publications service include; Unlimited number of  users, availability in remote locations, instant access to the newest documentation and therefore no need to question the revision level, ability to print as many individual documents as necessary and no physical updating, therefore creating less waste.

Following the implementation of O.R.I.O.N, this new on-line service will be the reference for all Eurocopter Canada customers. As an option, Physical documentation (paper or DVD) will still be available through Technical Publications, if required. In order to prepare for the availability of this new on-line service and the migration of TIPI in Keycopter, Eurocopter will set-up a Keycopter account for each customer.

Eurocopter Canada customers interested in this new service or have any inquiries, please contact the supervisor of Technical Publications, Caren Stewart at 905-994-2969 or by email caren.stewart[at]