Airbus Helicopters is consistently striving to ensure that we are providing customers with fair pricing for our products, complimented by reactive support and services. As a sign of our commitment to these principals, we are pleased to announce that we have launched an extensive global review of our spare parts pricing in Q4, 2014.














This project, undertaken at the Airbus Helicopter group level, is driven by valued customer feedback to review the full catalogue of spare parts references over a period of 2 years and implementation of quarterly pricing updates. The methodology for this review is based on establishing “families” of parts based on four criteria:

  1. Function
  2. Physical dimensions
  3. Material of construction
  4. Complexity – Once a part has been identified to a family, a pricing rule shall be applied to establish harmonized pricing among parts of similar attributes.

As early as Q4, 2014, customers will begin to benefit from the first wave of part pricing reviews, affecting approximately 3100 parts in the global catalogue. The fundamental driver behind this program is to implement actions related to customer feedback:

  • Reduce price inconsistencies among like items
  • Ensure all parts have been reviewed and have a current price applied
  • Reduce lead time for quotation on parts by ensuring current price exists
  • Validate Airbus Helicopters’ spare part pricing is aligned with the industry

Many of you may be asking yourselves, “Does this mean that prices will be increasing or decreasing?” The answer is – both. However, the net effect to DMC will remain neutral. Where one price may be increased, another will be reduced.

Over the coming 2 years, Airbus Helicopters Canada will be preparing quarterly price list updates that will be uploaded to the Customer Access area of the Airbus Helicopters Canada website, which will align with each batch of parts reviewed during implementation of the spare part pricing review project. Updated pricing can also be obtained by contacting your local Customer Service Representative or spares[at]

We are excited to announce the launch of this project, as it was driven by the valued feedback of each of our customers. We trust that it will be well received as an illustration of our continued dedication to customer satisfaction.

For further information please contact Amanda Bondar – Manager, Commercial Office at 905-994-2974 or amanda.bondar[at]