Eurocopter tracks performance of its supply chain through On Time Delivery (OTD) and Fill Rate (FR) indicators. OTD measures the number of parts delivered as per indicated date (measured in percent). Fill Rate measures the number of parts Eurocopter was able to ship from stock in either AOG or Rush requirements.

For 2012, On Time delivery improved to a three year record level and is now stabilized over the 90% mark. Despite the 100% increase in number of AOG orders (in line items), the fill rate also substantially improved (+21%).

In regards to shortages, Eurocopter is reviewing on a weekly basis, orders and AOG to better harmonize parts allocation. This will allow us to avoid grounding of helicopters and thus impacting operator’s business.

Thank-you to all our customers who assisted ECL to anticipate the requirements through planning their purchases for the year and/or providing fleet information through Rotor Rewards.

Eurocopter Canada is at the leading edge of forecasting within the EC group!