Good news for AS350/355 and EC130 Operators!

Airbus Helicopters Canada is now approved to repair de-bonded bushings on the star arm for the Starflex – P/N 350A3-1918-00.

We also have put in place an exchange pool of Starflex P/N 350A31-1917-00 & -01 in order to minimize down time.

Airbus Helicopters Canada is currently working on expanding the exchange pool quantities to include P/N 350A31-1918-00 to better match our customer’s exchange requirements.












EC120 Operators

Airbus Helicopters Canada is now repairing the H-link P/N C632A2006-103. Exchange units are also available for this item.

Please contact your local Airbus Helicopters Canada customer service representative for more information.