Tech Tip 2015-003


ATA:                     71

Aircraft Model:       AS350 B3e / EC130 T2 Equipped with Arriel 2D engine PRE TU 181

Subject:                Module 03 – Preformed packing of rear bearing ducts – Replacement

Date:                    June 18, 2015


 The Arriel 2D engine maintenance manual requires the orings on the rear bearing oil lines to be replaced every 800 hours.

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As per MM 72-43-00-900-806, the orings are to lubricated with engine oil prior to install.  But this is believed to have contributed to cases in which the orings were damaged on install, causing leaks and a loss of oil pressure in flight.

Because of this, Safran recommends the use of assembly fluid when installing the orings.  This helps them stay in position during install of the unions on the engine.

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