Tech Tip 2014-005

 ATA:                     31 / 33 / 39

 Aircraft Model:       AS350 / AS355

 Subject:                MTA-156 connector contacts

 Date:                    December 12, 2014

 If you are operating an AS350 or AS355 and have found yourself working with wiring that goes into a MTA-156 connector as seen below – you will be working with a connector that is red, yellow or orange (as seen below).

These connectors have removable contacts in them. The contacts can be identified by a number on the locking mechanism of the contact that is exposed through a small window of the connector. You will see the number 2, 0, or 8 in this location. This number represents the gauge of wire that the contact is associated with. 2 for 22 gauge (p/n – 640633-2), 0 for 20 gauge (p/n – 640632-2), and 8 for 18 gauge (p/n – 640631-2)  snag it