Tech Tip 2013-002

ATA: 71

Aircraft Model: AS350B3e

Subject: Engine Data Recorder (EDR) Self-Closing Cap

Date: May 1, 2013

The AS350B3e is equipped with an Arriel 2D engine and has an EDR plug located in

the aft cargo hold of the machine. This is an RJ45 style plug that can be plugged into 

a standard RJ45 Ethernet cable to connect a laptop to download Engine Data. There

is a Self-Closing Cap that is used to protect and cover this plug. Currently, this cap is

not listed as a separate part number in the IPC. This cap is produced by Amphenol

under the P/N: RJFSCC and can be procured locally from many Electrical / Electronic

suppliers. Please contact Technical Support for further information on a supplier.