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Technical Tips


Technical Tips

Tech Tip 2012-009

ATA: 67

Aircraft Model: AS350 B2/B3

Subject: Load Compensator Electrovalve O-ring Replacement

Date: December 14, 2012

When installing the electrovalve/solenoid unit on the AS350 load compensator

according to B2/B3 AMM 67-34-00, 4-3 the AMM states that O-rings item number 19 are

included with the electrovalve. However, if you are only replacing them because of a

leak there is no part number in the IPC. The part number to order is 81810-050-24B7. It

is interesting to note that they are the same O-rings for the electrovalve installation on

the main servos and can be found in B2/B3 IPC 67-30-10-02 item 40.




Tech Tip 2012-008

ATA: 33

Aircraft Model: AS350 / EC130

Subject: LED Position Lights

Date: December 11, 2012

Perhaps you may have recently experienced an LED position light that stopped working

(JPC Aviation part numbers 6490811, 6490821 and 6490841). After your trouble

shooting you had found that there was a lack of electrons flowing through the light

because of a broken wire at the LED position light. If this happens the small crimp

contact (part number EN3155-016M2018) usually remains inside the positive or negative

receptacle of the light and becomes very difficult to remove. If this is the case the

receptacle can be replaced instead of replacing the entire light. The Amphenol AIR LB

part number of this receptacle is 00112020902 and can be procured from Air Cost

Control. There are CMM’s for these JPC position lights available. Please contact us at

Technical Support and we can forward them on to you.



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