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TRK Helicopters Expands Fleet with Range of Eurocopters


Langley, BC – December 13, 2006

BC’s TRK Helicopters is enjoying strong growth in its corporate and charter businesses. To keep up with this demand for its services, TRK is acquiring six new Eurocopters in the next three years from Eurocopter Canada. The first, an EC120B Colibri, was recently delivered to TRK’s hangars at Langley Airport outside Vancouver. An AS350B2 will be delivered in January 2007, followed by an EC130B4 in June 2007. In 2008, TRK is receiving two more AS350B3s, followed by a third AS350B3 in April, 2009.

“The B2 is in very high demand from our customers, which is why it’s a good machine to buy right now,” says Randy Marks, President of TRK Helicopters ( “But since we’re seeing a lot of others equipping themselves with B2s, our next move is to go for heavier-lift machines like the B3 and B4.”

“In particular, our firefighting clients want high altitude machines that can hoist heavy loads in hot temperatures,” Marks continues. “Meanwhile, our extreme skiing customers want agile helicopters that can fly comfortably up to 10,000 feet. Because the B3 and B4 offer extra lifting power, and the B2 is the primary aircraft used in heli-skiing operations, all of these aircraft have a place in our expanding fleet.”

The single Safran ARRIUS 2F engine, five-seat EC120B is a multipurpose helicopter designed to provide mission flexibility. It is equipped with the most modern technologies such as the Vehicle and Engine Multifunction Display (VEMD), the new generation Fenestron shrouded tail, crashworthy seats and fuel system. The EC120B is a safe, quiet and comfortable aircraft. With very low operating costs and outstanding performance, it is the most efficient aircraft in its class.

Powered by a SAFRAN ARRIEL 1D1 engine of 732 shp (546 kW), the AS350B2 has a proven track record of superior performance. This makes it a very sought-after helicopter capable of performing a wide range of missions in the toughest of flying conditions. For utility missions, the AS350B2 can carry external loads of 2,557lbs, with a maximum weight of 5,512lbs. Its spacious, room cabin can accommodate up to 7 passengers, while providing low vibration and noise levels.

The  heavy-lifting AS350B3, which is powered by a  single FADEC equipped 847 shp Safran Arriel 2B engine, offers operators the highest performance in its category with enhanced safety and reduced pilot workload utilizing a VEMD multifunction cockpit display. It has a sling capacity of 3085 lbs.

The EC130B4 is a new generation intermediate single engine helicopter that combines the latest technology with a very roomy and modular cabin that seats 7-8. It features a low external noise emission, 8.5dB under the ICAO requirement. This is achieved due to the EC130B4’s Fenestron shrouded tail, and the aircraft’sautomatic control of the rotor RPM.

The EC130B4 is powered by a FADEC-equipped Safran ARRIEL 2B1 turbine engine, complete with dual channel digital engine control system and a back-up control box that automatically controls the engine in case of total failure of both digital channels of the FADEC.

Eurocopter Canada Limited ( is a subsidiary of Eurocopter.  Eurocopter Canada based in Fort Erie, Ontario has customer support centres in Vancouver, British Columbia and Montreal, Quebec.  Eurocopter established in 1992, the Franco-German-Spanish Eurocopter Group is a Division of EADS, a world leader in aerospace, defence and related services. The Eurocopter Group employs approx. 13,000 people. In 2005, Eurocopter confirmed its position as the world’s No. 1 helicopter manufacturer with a turnover of 3.2 billion euros, orders for 401 new helicopters, and a 52 percent market share in the civil and para-public sectors. Overall, the Group’s products account for 30 percent of the total world helicopter fleet. Its strong worldwide presence is ensured by its 16 subsidiaries on five continents, along with an extensive network of distributors, certified agents and maintenance centres. More than 9,500 Eurocopter helicopters are currently in service with over 2,500 customers in 139 countries.  Eurocopter offers the largest civil and military helicopter range in the world.

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