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SX16 Searchlight Installation

Product Description

The Spectrolab SX-16 Nightsun® is a high-intensity (30-40 million candlepower) searchlight located on the LH side of the helicopter. The light and gimbal are mounted using a quick release dovetail assembly for fast, tools free installation and removal.



  • Vertical: 0° up to 47° down
  • Horizontal: 30° right to 90° left
  • Beam width (focus): 4° to 20°
  • Lamp power output: 1600 W/30 Million Cd
  • Voltage: 28 VDC


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Technical Information

Mass (kg)

14.1 (Fixed Equipment)
19.2 (Detachable Equipment, Light)
33.3 (Total)

Moment Arm (m)

4.61 (Fixed Equipment)
4.66 (Detachable Equipment, Light)
4.64 (Total)

ApprovalsCanada, USA
Part Number


Effect on Flight Performance

Airspeed Limitation reduces VNE by 20 Kts.
Speed reduction of 3kts per 1000 ft of altitude.
Reduction of 100ft per minute for climb.

Retrofit Information

TCCA# SH03-15
FAA# SR01701NY

Supplied by Airbus Helicopters Canada
Retrofit can be performed at customer maintenance shop


  • SLASS available as an option when installed in conjunction with a FLIR of the 8000 series.
  • Requires an Exterior Mount to be installed in accordance with F.A.A. SR01701NY.
  • Searchlight range of motion limited when emergency or permanent floats are installed.

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