Dual External Cargo Mirrors

Product Description

The H130 Cargo Mirrors positions two mirrors directly outside the Pilot’s chin window for improved visibility when performing cargo hook operations. The mirrors is installed on the left hand side of the aircraft.

Cargo Mirror EC130 T2


  • Eases maneuverability
  • Lightweight

Technical Information

Mass (kg)

2.2 kg (4.9 lb)

Moment Arm (m)


ApprovalsCanada, FAA, EASA, ANAC (Mexico), DGAC (Brazil), CAAC (China)
Part Number


Retrofit Information

TCCA# SH14-40
FAA# SR03550NY
EASA# 10051642
ANAC# 2015S11-09
DGAC# IA317/2015

Supplied by Airbus Helicopters Canada (AHCA).
Retrofit can be performed at customer’s facility


  • The mirror is only available as a left-hand configuration

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