Litter Kit

Product Description

The Litter Kit allows the helicopter to transport one medical patient on a secured stretcher. The Litter Kit installation is located on the right hand side of the cabin floor. The fixed provisions are compatible with both the 7 and 8 place interiors.


Litter Kit


  • Quick installation for medical evacuation
  • Increases multipurpose platform role

Technical Information

Mass (kg)

29.3 (Equipment Added)
-23.1 (Removed, 2 seats for 7 place interior)
-35.1 (Removed, 3 seats for 8 place interior)
6.2 (Total, 7 place interior)
-5.8 (Total, 8 place interior)

Moment Arm (m)

1.51 (Equipment Added)
1.96 (Removed, 2 seats for 7 place interior)
1.78 (Removed, 3 seats for 8 place interior)
-0.17 (Total, 7 place interior)
3.14 (Total, 8 place interior)

ApprovalsCanada, USA
MaterialAluminum alloy frame and installation provisions
Part Number


Retrofit Information

TCCA# SH02-45
FAA# SR02176NY

Supplied by Airbus Helicopters Canada
Retrofit can be performed at customer’s facility


  • Patient orientation is “head forward.”
  • Not compatible with dual controls

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