Settling Protectors

Product Description

Settling Protectors help guard against sinking into snow and soft ground. The settling protectors are comprised of LH and RH pads attached to the aft end of the landing gear skid tubes.

Settling Protectors


  • Maintains tail rotor ground clearance
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Lightweight
  • Competitively priced

Technical Information

Mass (kg)


Moment Arm (m)


ApprovalsCanada, USA, Mexico
MaterialUHMW Polyethylene
Part Number


Retrofit Information

TCCA# SH01-22

FAA# SR01351NY

DGAC Mexico# IA-296-2015

Supplied by Airbus Helicopters Canada
Retrofit can be performed at customer’s facility


  • Available for the complete AS350 series and AS355
    E, F/F1 and F2 models (United States).
  • Available for the complete AS350 series and AS355
    E, F/F1/F2, N, NP models (Canada, Mexico).

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