Battery Relocation Kit

Product Description

The Battery Relocation Kit provides provisions to install a high capacity lead acid or nickel cadmium battery in the tail boom removing the standard aircraft battery located in the right hand (RH) cargo compartment. It reduces the need for aft aircraft ballast and increases the usable space in the RH cargo compartment. The battery is mounted on a removable tray in the left hand (LH) side of the tail boom. The battery relocation kit is ideal for balancing aircraft equipped with heavily loaded instrument panels.

Battery Relocation Kit


  • Increases RH cargo capacity
  • Reduces the need for tail boom ballast
  • The battery can be quickly disconnected and can be removed while wearing winter gloves

Technical Information

Mass (kg)

27.1 (remove std battery, add lead acid battery)
24.0 (remove std battery, add NiCad battery)

Moment Arm (m)

9.49 (remove std battery, add lead acid battery)
9.49 (remove std battery, add NiCad battery)

ApprovalsCanada, USA, EASA Countries, Brazil, Mexico
Part Number

350-700324 (AS350)
355-700324 (AS355)

Retrofit Information

TCCA# SH96-31

FAA# SR00422NY (AS350)
FAA# SR00800NY (AS355)

EASA# 10016747

Brazil# 9703-02 (AS350 BA, B1, B2, B3)
Brazil# 2002S06-01 (AS350 B)
Brazil# 2002S06-02 (AS355 F1, F2)

DGAC Mexico# IA-266/2014

Supplied by Airbus Helicopters Canada
Retrofit can be performed at customer’s facility


  • Kit does not include battery.
  • Compatible with NI-CAD (2376-1) or Lead Acid (RG-390E) battery.
  • Finished in primer: must be painted after installation.

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