Left-hand Pilot Configuration

Product Description

The pilot-in-command position is moved from the right to the left hand side, along with all associated flight controls and additional cockpit controls and instrumentation. The Interior Panel is available in three different sizes including; tour, standard and extended.

Left Hand Pilot Configuration

Left Hand Pilot Overview


  • Increased visibility of load during cargo sling operations
  • Improved cabin space for additional options
  • Allows for the use of dual controls

Technical Information

Mass (kg)


Moment Arm (m)


ApprovalsCanada, USA, EASA Countries, Brazil
Part Number

Contact your Airbus Helicopters Canada Representative for part numbers (based on specific ipanel requirements).

Operational Limitations

Dual controls are prohibited if 7 Place Interior is installed in accordance with (TCCA) SH96-39.

Minimum crew consists of one pilot in the left hand seat.

Retrofit Information

TCCA SH96-32

EASA.10016725 (B3e Approval Pending)

FAA SR00429NY (B3e Approval Pending)

Brazil# 9703-03


  • Relocating the aircraft battery to the tailboom (Battery Relocation Kit) is highly recommended.
  • The space remaining in the center of the cockpit floor after the engine control quadrant is moved to the left allows for a 7 Place Interior Configuration.
  • Left-hand Pilot lighting modification and configuration to be addressed by installer.
  • Lighting solution included for aircraft with multibloc console.

Airbus Helicopters reserves the right to make configuration and data changes at any time without notice. The facts and figures contained in this document and expressed in good faith do not constitute any offer or contract with Airbus Helicopters.